The Moment Of Truth

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post on this new and fledgling blog space. My intention was/is to post at least 2x per week. I have fallen behind. Life has happened, as it always does-pulling me this way and that. But the barrier to entry has nothing to do with externals. I think and feel every second of every day, even while sleeping. I spend time at the computer every day. I write emails, texts, make calls, space out, watch netflix. No.  I cannot blame not showing up to write on this blog on anything except simply not showing up. In this moment I am grateful that i remembered, that i noticed the space and had the thought and courage to log on. The thought started with “this is the moment of truth”.  This is the moment, after almost 2 weeks of not posting when i either step back in the ring, and spar with myself, or bow my head in shame and pretend i forgot that there even was a ring, an opponent, a title on the line. As i sit here and write, I am a champion,  for i have bloodied my knuckles against the cartilage of my fear.

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